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CARES ACT - Small Business Loans

some of the paperwork needed


Please reach out to Carol if you or one of your teachers would like 1 on 1 coaching or support.

We can help with a variety of questions and needs.


April 3, NYSAIS presents Translating Your Music Curriculum Online 10:00 AM to 11:00 


Click and make a copy; you will need a Gmail/Google account to do so. You may edit your copy as you see fit -  be sure to send the link to others in View mode, not Edit mode. Created by the Diocese of San Diego.




Leadership Resources

  1. Virtual Admissions Event - notes from an ISM webinar.

  2. Long Range Instructional Plan - this is from the Watertown CSD, however it is clear, concise and not overwhelming, a good jumping off point.

  3. Spectrum Hotspot Map – Enter Zip code and zoom in for details.

  4. A breakdown of how the CARES Act can help your school.

  5. Daily attendance and record keeping - The Diocese of San Diego has done an excellent job putting resources together.  Check out this google form - copy and edit to meet your needs!

  6. Do families and teachers know who to direct their questions to?  Do you have a matrix to share? We'd love to link it here.

  7. Students and Teachers will be looking for ways to connect. School leaders should send out a school-wide communication (letter and/or video) on a daily basis. Start the day as you normally would with a video of morning prayer, the pledge, birthday announcements, etc.

  8. Schools could consider incorporating community-building events, such as virtual spirit days and online scavenger hunts.

  9. Establish a regular school schedule to follow so that students — and their families for younger students — can plan on what to work on during the day. 

  10. A daily video posted by the teacher allows students to connect with the teacher’s image and voice. The video can be short, 3 minutes or less. In that amount of time, the teacher can review highlights of the previous day, and do a quick introduction of what is expected for the current day. For primary students reading the daily stories, or chapter book  is a perfect way to connect.

  11. Conduct parent and student surveys throughout distance learning and analyze the data to determine the appropriate balance of synchronous and asynchronous learning for your school community. Surveys should also solicit feedback on the type and amount of work assigned, as well as support needed.

  12. Set up a bi-weekly chat with colleagues for your own health and well being, share what is working and ask for help!  You are not in this alone! Encourage teachers to connect with teachers from other schools for support and planning.

  13. Responding to Coronavirus: A downloadable guide from Education Week.

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