Webinars and Virtual Professional Learning

February 10, 2021

10:00- 10:45 am



Recruitment and Retention - Retaining "COVID" Families

As your school enters the recruitment and retention aspects of enrollment management, this year offers a unique opportunity for our schools.  Let’s talk about new strategies and share ideas for keeping the students who joined your community because of COVID  in your school. 

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On Demand Webinar

COVID “Gap” 

The vast majority of Catholic school students have been in school every day, however that is not the case with many children attending other schools.  There are new implications to recruiting for 2021-2022, including meeting the needs of students who may be joining your school after only having intermittent or no in-person instruction since March 2020.  SED and societal expectations have not lessened for students in the long run and ensuring new students receive the assistance they need will have instruction and budget implications join us to share ideas, and discuss best practices.


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Getting Student Voice Back after Covid - Empowering Students Voices

How do we help children and teens get their "voice" back.  Pandemic teaching and learning has created a new challenge, recognizing student voice in our schools.   Let's talk about our grassroots efforts to lead by example and look at how kids can give to our schools by hearing their voice.  Student voice is not a new concept, rather one that has made a dramatic change in the last year.  Join this conversation to learn and share how our schools can continue to grow.