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The Catholic School Association Administrators Association of New York State exists to actively support Catholic education by contributing to and advancing the professional, spiritual, and personal development of Catholic school administrators. 


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We at CSAANYS strive to provide you with the best in education practice to make your role as a school administrator just a little bit easier.  We have what you need to be a successful school administrator.  Call or email us anytime with your needs.

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CSAANYS has a 46 year history of providing the best in resources, support, and advocacy for  Catholic School Principals.  Through our progressive and proactive efforts we keep on top of the changes in education and the needs of our Catholic schools.

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CSAANYS Gathering

Save the Date!

The CSAANYS Gathering will be November 3, 2019 at the Marriott Hotel, Albany, NY


Lighting the Fire for Catholic Education Award Nomination Form is available here. 

Please note the deadline is September 1, 2019

We are pleased to announce that for 2019 we will have 2 Keynote Presentations!

Gabriel Gallagher from NCEA will work with us on marketing, open houses, and messaging.

Dr. Nicholas Kardaras will be engaging us in a discussion about his work surrounding digital addiction.

All attendees will receive a copy of his book - Glow Kids—How Screen Addiction is Highjacking our Kids and What We Can Do to Break the Trance.


These are timely and relevant presentations that shouldn’t be missed. 

Grab a friend and join us for Gathering 2019. 

Special incentive for you for bringing a new* Gathering participant!

*Has never attended the Gathering

Gathering Flyer - Please Print and Share

The 35th annual RISE Conference will be November 4 & 5, 2019 at the Marriott Hotel.

There are exciting changes to the RISE Agenda - available in September

 2 Keynote talks!!

ASCD  presenter Mark Anthony Garrett - Educators are Heros


ASCD and Tedtalk presenter Huda Essa - Culturally Responsive Teaching

Request for Speaker Proposals for RISE 2019

RISE 2019 Flyer - Please Print and Share

We look forward to seeing you in November.


Advocacy in Catholic Education

Tax Credits for Investments in Education

Countless public school districts have fund-raising entities to solicit charitable donations to help meet rising costs and provide funding for important programs. Likewise, scholarship organizations, which rely on charitable contributions, have long waiting lists of students and families desperate for a scholarship to help them afford tuition at the school that meets their needs. Currently, when individuals or corporations make such a donation, they can only deduct the amount of the donation from their taxable income. This long-established tax incentive for charitable giving is no longer sufficient to meet the demands placed on not-for-profit organizations struggling to help students and schools.

The Education Investment Tax Credit proposal would enhance the current tax incentive and thereby encourage increased corporate and individual donations to the public school sector as well as to scholarship organizations that help low- and middle-income families with their tuition expenses. As a result, the Education Investment Tax Credit would help support the education of all children regardless of where they attend school.

Tax Credits for Education Expenses

All parents of school-aged children incur some additional expenses for their children’s education beyond what they pay in taxes. These expenses include education materials for the classroom and/or the home; school projects; academic programs; educational trips; and fees for tutoring and/or advanced placement programs. Tuition-paying families shoulder some of the greatest educational expense beyond school taxes. In addition, teachers spend an average of $400 of their own money to provide supplies and materials for the children in their classroom.

A personal income tax credit for educational expenses would help all parents and teachers offset a portion of these expenses. Moreover, such a tax credit would save taxpayers millions of dollars by enabling more parents to enroll their children in religious and independent schools.

For more information and to join the Catholic Advocacy Network go to

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