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CSAANYS exists to actively support Catholic education by contributing and advancing the professional, spiritual, and personal development of Catholic School administrators. 

The Founding Board Members

Executive Directors and Directors

The First Executive Secretary  - Brother Peter Pontolillo

The First Field Supervisor - Brother Thomas Draney

CSAANYS Leadership - Executive Board Directory 1972-2021




CSAANYS has drawn strength and support from its talented and diverse membership since 1972.  


We pride ourselves on our ability to connect schools of all sizes to make leading, teaching and learning the best it can be. CSAANYS prides itself on bringing people together to learn and grow from each other. 


Through our progressive and proactive efforts we keep on top of the changes in education and the needs of our Catholic schools. 


We strive to provide you with the best in educational practice to ensure your role as a Catholic school administrator just a little bit easier. We have what you need to be successful, including professional

development, resources, white papers and publications.