Professional Development Opportunities for Administrators, Teachers, and Parents

Queen Bees and Wannabees

Girls and bullying coupled with technology is a whole new challenge for teachers and administrators.  This presentation is good for teachers, students and parents to learn about the impact of bullying as well as how to have nurturing schools.


Combine these three ingredients to create a comprehensive program.  We can show you how to make sure the students are meeting the standards and teachers are not duplicating their work.

Hybrid and Virtual Teaching - Best Practices

What works? What is useful and what is too much? Keeping things on task, engaging and instructionally sound is what this workshop is all about.

Effective Communication

Hone your communication skills, and understand why what you say may not be "heard". Learn how personalities determine how we communicate with each other.  This is a great workshop for a school with a new principal!  Become a champion communicator.

Next Gen Standards - What does it mean?

CSAANYS has a variety of workshops on the NYS  Next Generation Learning Standards.  Please call to customize a workshop for teachers that meet your instructional goals.

Formative Assessment Meets Tech.

Find out new and creative ways to assess student progress that will be fun for you and your students.  Formative assessment is the most important kind, so make it great!

Our Catholic Identity

This interactive workshop will encompass evaluating current practices, developing goals, and creating a plan for enhancing the Catholic identity of the school.

Copyright and Fair Use

Teachers set the example for students.  Have you checked that your materials meet the guidelines for what can be used, downloaded or copied for classroom use?  This workshop will detail the law and explain fair use in the classroom setting. 

Meet the Millenial Parents

Today's parents are informed, interested, and involved like never before.  This workshop will give teachers and principals tools to engage millenial parents in the culture and community of the school.

Tools to Deal with Parents who are in a Variety of Emotional States

Learn communication strategies, ways to build parental support, and ideas for keeping your relationships on target.

Communicating with Parents

We all need to learn how to talk to each other.  Learn about and practice effective communication strategies to make all your interactions effective and productive.

5 Reasons To Teach Digital Citizenship

Learn why it's important to address the 21st century skill of digital citizenship, in which students connect, collaborate, and communicate responsibly and safely.

Sharing Our Faith

Participants will discuss ways to incorporate the Catholic teachings in any setting.  Outside the box thinking coupled with sharing experiences will provide teachers with a new level of comfort for sharing their faith.

Mandated Reporter Refresher

A refresher course on what a teacher's obligations are, how administrators can help, and basic information about abuse and neglect that is important for all faculty members.

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