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Leadership Learning Opportunities

At CSAANYS we are organizing and planning learning opportunities for our membership.  In 2022 we will unveil a whole new lineup of professional development to meet the needs of all members. 

How can we support you?

  • President's Seminars - We are currently working on programming for the Presidents and Heads of Schools. Registration is now OPEN! 

  • Principal's Academy - The second cohort will launch in October 11, 2023, the institute's mission is to flatten the learning curve for our new principals (years 1-3). Registration is now OPEN!

  • Emerging Leaders Cohort 3 - designed for the teacher or other school staff member who is discerning Catholic school leadership.  This cohort will launch in January 2024, stay tuned for the program flyer and registration.  Start talking to potential candidates NOW!

  • Discerning Catholic School Leadership Seminars- designed for the public school principal who is discerning Catholic School Leadership. Next Cohort will launch in March 2024.

  • Principal Mentoring need a tune up? Want to have a person to have regular conversations with in a non-judgmental supportive atmosphere?  Email Carol for more information.

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