Leadership Learning Opportunities

At CSAANYS we are organizing and planning learning opportunities for our membership.  In 2022 we will unveil a whole new lineup of professional development to meet the needs of all members. 



What is in the works? 

  • Principal's Academy - designed for first or second year principals.  This program's mission is to flatten the learning curve for our new principals.  Click here for the program flyer.

  • Principal Think Tank - designed for any principal.  This program's mission is to provide support for you!  Through either one on one or small group conversations you will get the support, guidance, resources and tools to make your job a little bit easier.

  • Emerging Leaders Cohort 2 - designed for the teacher or other school staff member who is discerning Catholic school leadership.  Click here for the program flyer.

  • Emerging Leaders Cohort 3 - designed for the public school principal who is discerning Catholic School Leadership. Please share with your public colleagues.  Click here for the program flyer.